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werifestography is a photography and filmmaking studio started by nadia rausa in alaska, usa.

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werifestography is a photography and filmmaking studio started by nadia rausa in alaska, usa

i draw my inspiration from dreams, the woods, and film.

so, in 2022, i made the leap to become a fulltime photographer and filmmaker—it was time to chase after my dreams and make them a reality. having created promotional films for One to a Thousand's Harvest Tales in 2021, along with editorial photos for One to a Thousand's publication, Liminis: Literary & Art Journal during 2021-2022, i have found a true calling. my dream is to work with people around the world to create beautiful imagery that leaves viewers breathless and wanting more.

hi, i'm nadia rausa. i discovered photography and filmmaking when i was eleven years old. for the past 15+ years, my experimentation for photography and film has ebbed and flowed, but in recent years i have rekindled my passion. creating beautiful photographs and films is now where i want to be and what i want to be doing. having been a professional artist since 2015, my work has evolved into something else. though i still love drawing with some paint and paper, a camera—whether for still photography or filming—is where i truly feel at home and connected to my creativity.



a dream, a whisper, a wish... come, wander with us

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werifestography offers a wide range of services, including fine art photography and filmmaking, editorial / high-fashion photography and filmmaking, and documenting your precious memories such as engagements, graduation, etc. documenting photography and filmmaking is offered in a fine art and editorial fashion with photo styles, camera filters, and editing. our goal is to always give a cinematic and film-like feel.

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