Days Don’t Fade

The Story

The days don’t fade,

They never seem to end.

What will the sun say

When the moon meets

her face?

Light streams in by

stars unseen,

An unsettling stillness

of heartbreak 

and waste.

Time has forsaken all 

of its merits,

The trees take a standstill,

They can no longer

bear it. 

Steps taken forward

with no journey,

And no end.

The days don’t fade,

she says.

They never seem to end.

The idea for Days Don’t Fade was many things, including the midnight sun of Alaska, but for me, it was more about a state of limbo. The neverending daze of sunlight streaming through one’s windows, an impossible telling of time, the unsettling stillness of heartbreak and loss—it was at the core of what I envisioned for Days Don’t Fade

When the photoshoot was being planned, I knew I wanted white dresses and our beautiful Alaskan mountains in the background, but I also wanted something more—a lake and wetlands. The perfect place became Idlu Bena, or more commonly known as Eklutna Lake, located in Anchorage, Alaska. 

The day of the photoshoot was slightly rainy, mostly cloudy, and a little on the chillier side, but perfect for naturally lit photos. We got ready with the models—my sister, Anya Myers, and our friend, Shelby Penyak—guiding them through makeup and hair, and the styling of their dresses we had thrifted the day before. I was incredibly excited to work with models, especially models of color (Anya is half Korean; Shelby is Korean and Black). Keep in mind that neither of them had modeling experience before this save for a few casual photoshoot sessions, like school photos or “just for fun” photos, but they did a fantastic job. 

After getting ready, we hopped into Anya’s vehicle and headed for Idlu Bena, driving through our city, onto the highway, and then to a back road up the mountainside. (Of course, we jammed out to some music). Then, we’d arrived. Thankfully, it wasn’t busy (to put it into perspective, there are times when the parking lot is overflowing so much that people are parked alongside the road or in the overflow lot about a mile away), which meant it wouldn’t be too difficult to maneuver around people being in the background of our photos. We hopped out of the vehicle and walked down the hill, and so began our photographic journey. 

Anya and Shelby were total champs—from the wetlands to rocks to tree stumps and driftwood, they braved it all to help the vision come to life. J.L.C. took beautiful behind-the-scenes photos and videos while I shot the main photoshoot, and we all had a blast during our adventure.

I hope you enjoy these photos. A lot of work went into making it happen and I’m so grateful to Anya, Shelby, and J.L.C. for helping me create a vision I saw in the blurry view of my mind. I hope the photos bring you that sense of limbo I talked about, and if not, I hope they manage to help you interpret your own story about them. 


Camera: Canon 7D mark ii

Lens: Canon 50mm 1.4


Creative Director: Nadia Rausa

Assistant Director: J.L. Chabotte

Models: Anya Myers & Shelby Lee Penyak

Styling: Nadia Rausa

Behind-the-Scenes Shots: J.L. Chabotte