The Story

Most people have heard of HBO's Euphoria. It's quite known for its aesthetic story-telling and beautiful cinematography. Though, as of the time of writing this, I'd only seen episode one, I was enthralled (and quite heartbroken by the story).

My sister, Anya, on the other hand, had watched the entirety of season one and as much of season two as she could. She approached me one day and asked if she could have a Euphoria-themed photoshoot with her close friend, Shelby, as a birthday present and I was happy to oblige. I ordered some lights I had been wanting for a while, which entailed two LED softboxes and three LED barn door lights. I had dreamt of hitting that "order" button for so long!

I waited a while for the lights to arrive because... well, Alaska haha. Things sometimes get here super quickly, and other times they take weeks, if not months. In this case, it was over a month before the lights arrived. But, the day finally came and we were ready to move forward in our journey.

We set up a backdrop with the LED softboxes, placed a diffusion filter and split-diopter filter on my camera, and began shooting. Eventually, we added in some star & nebula lights—you know, the ones that swirl around on the ceiling and create beautiful sceneries. The aesthetic was amazing!

Though I was absolutely exhausted the day of the shoot, I was excited to be able to do this photoshoot. It's been a desire of mine to do a shoot like this one (like a hipster, I wanted to do something like this before Euphoria haha), and I'm so happy with the outcome. I'd definitely love to do more shoots like this in the future!


Camera: Canon 7D mark ii

Lens: Canon 50mm 1.4

Filter: Diffusion by Moment

Filter: Split-Diopter by Prism Lens FX

Lights: Neewer LED softboxes


Creative Director: Nadia Rausa

Assistant Director: J.L. Chabotte

Models: Anya Myers & Shelby Lee Penyak, Micah Rausa, and J.L. Chabotte

Styling: Anya Myers & Shelby Lee Penyak

Fog Machine Operator: Micah Rausa